My heart has always been to inspire people to find the amazing path and journey toward God. I suppose we have all lost our way back home at one time. Yet, surprisingly through these times of wandering is when we are being found.

Lisa is a Faith-based Author and Speaker! She is also the founder of "The Esther Project", "Lisa Hamilton Life", and "The Vine Foundation".

Her newest released books are, "Unstick your stuck Life", "The little Seed that grew to Love", and "Winds of Change".


  • Join Lisa Hamilton Life group of mentors, teachers, prophetic ministers, as we journey together to the mountaintop experiences of our life. Stay connected to our workshops, conferences, and prayer meetings.


  • Join the Esther Project for women who want it all.


  • Be a part of The Vine Foundation as a charity cause to restore broken lives.


But most of all... Come join us on this amazing adventure called life.



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