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31 Flavors of Fear

Fear has now become the new pandemic.

Though the Coronavirus will pass, will this newfound phobia pass as well? Is there a vaccine that can inoculate us from this new strain of Crazy?

How did we develop Runatoipia? (fear of running out of toilet paper)

Or Freathing? (fear of breathing )

Fears of all kinds are popping up as plentiful as new flavors in Baskin Robbins ice cream store.

“ And what can I get you miss,” asks the server behind the counter.


“Oh, I’ll just have a single scope of marshmallow mylife’sover, in a cup please.”

"Whose next? Can I help the next customer?"

“Sure, I’ll take a double scoop of strawberry suicide, and chocolate chipmypants in a sugar cone..”

“And for you,” asks the server again, “how can I help you?”

“So many to chose from….

stockmarketcrash crunch,…endoftheworld swirl…. I’ll just take a simple meltdown malt, if you please, and a quart of rocky road to go.”


Such a medley of flavors which fear should we choose?

I have lost all my money in the stock market, and it will never come back.

I am surely going be one of the .002% to cash in my chips and buy the farm.

I need to buy a sleeping bag in preparation for being homeless.

My hairdresser will probably die and I will be ugly forever.

The trees will become an endangered species and we will never have toilet paper again.

Fears ad nauseam


In safeguarding our lives from what if’s we have fenced in our freedoms for foreboding futures. Rather than living for today, we have cocooned our God-given liberties jeopardizing joy, happiness, adventure…Life

Everyone is afraid of dying, I am afraid of not living.”

In choosing 31 flavors, I choose Joie de vivre with a cherry on top.


Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post

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