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Faith of a mustard Seed

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Faith of a mustard Seed

How can such a small amount of faith move mountains?
Or a match start an uncontainable fire?
Or a simple plug once connected to an outlet yield such a dangerous surge of power?

As It isn’t the mustard seed of faith, nor is it the match, nor the simple plug, rather it is the connection to the power source that produces unimaginable miracles.


An unexpected call

Receiving an unexpected call from the hospital, I was completely thrown off guard.

“Lisa,” I heard the weak voice from my friend,”I’m in the hospital.”

“What! When? Why!” I stammered.

“I’m having open heart surgery. I came last night. The surgery is tomorrow.

My arteries are blocked,” he explained unable to hide his fear.

“I’m coming now,” I comforted him. “I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

Arriving shortly, I grabbed his shaking hand and asked,”Craig, can I pray with you?”

Nodding his head, I began praying with a mustard seed of faith for a healing that even I didn’t quite believe for. Yet, suddenly at that moment, I saw heaven, I saw the power of the blood on the cross, and had a deep revelation of the majesty behind my prayer.

Putting my hand upon his chest, finishing my prayer I simply said, “okay, good luck, I love you,” and walked out of the room with the deepest compassion for what tomorrow would bring.


Faith in belief

“Why is it,” they asked Jesus “that we cannot do the miracles you do?’

“Because of your lack of faith,” Jesus solemnly answered. “If you understood the power of God, if you even had faith, as small as a tiny mustard seed, you would say to this mountain before you, move, and if you ask according to God’s will, it would move.” Mathew 17:20

“Nothing is impossible for you.”

Faith in Vision

Calling things out that are not

(not yet seen in the natural realm)

as though they were

(seeing in the supernatural realm- waiting expectedly for it to manifest into our lives.)

Holding the vision in Fatih as a rudder to the shore, brings us into the destiny of our dreams.

Do not be double minded in doubt, but rather persistent in faith.

What you believe is eventually what you will see

Fatih in word.

Know the word of God is as powerful as a double edge sword in the spiritual realm.

The Word of God does not return void, but accomplishes all that it was meant to do. Isaiah 55:11

The Word is God is active, powerful and effective.

Another unexpected call

Early the next morning, the phone rang, flipping it over I saw it was Craig. Why was he calling me? Did something go wrong?

“Lisa,” was all he said.

“Craig what?” I was afraid to ask,”are you okay?”

“Lisa,” he said again but nothing more.

“I’m coming home. My heart opened last night. I am healed," he replied still absorbing this miraculous turn of events.

Even I was astounded. I didn’t do anything, but ask for God to intervene. Yet, when He did, when Heaven came and touched Earth, because of a simple prayer, it was an unexplainable honor.

I had the tiny faith of a mustard seed, and I guess that’s all God needed.


Lisa Hamilton/

The Hamilton Post

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