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Friendsgiving: A Family of Friends

Friendsgiving has become as favored as traditional Thanksgiving, yet it is family of our choosing.

Looking around my own table of cherished friends, I reflected on the memories between us. The laughter of private jokes that only girlfriends would get, the crazy adventures that didn’t quite pan out, the times when my guy friends rescued me from a multitude of situations that only men can rescue you from.

I reflected how easy it was to love my chosen friends.
And to be honest, once it wasn’t easy, I removed myself.

Yet, ironically, it also made me think of the upcoming Thanksgiving with my given family. My brothers who I fought with over the T.V. remote, my sisters who ‘borrowed’ my favorite tops only to never be seen again, my mom who made me do the dishes of stacked pots and pans, and dad who also checked if my grades were up.

I reflected on the love, the laughters, the loyalties and betrayals, amongst us. The hurts, pains, rejections, fights and ultimate forgiveness.

It was an environment that wasn't always the easiest, yet, looking back it was the environment that taught me to love.

Love is not learned on the playground of chosen friends, but rather it is forged in the battles of life with family where love is a choice.

Forgiveness is a choice.

Selflessness is a choice.

Sacrifice is a choice.

This Thanksgiving my dad will not be sitting at the table. It will be the first time, where the siblings of six, will have the memories rather than the man to love.

Yet, as I reflect on all the fights, and silent wars, the stealing of clothes and hiding remotes, that after all these years we chose to stay together.

I am thankful for my family that taught me the difficult lessons of love, and for my friends that made it easy, and for dad who teaches me to love even in a life to come.

Happy Thanksgiving to all friends and family..

May God Bless you!

Lisa Hamilton


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