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Halloween Gone Awry

I've always enjoyed Halloween as a kid, and even more so as a parent, creatively concocting costumes. Yet, in choosing halloween costumes this year, it is quite a conundrum.

Quite Frankly what goes with a mask?

“Mommy,” my little girl questioned, “did Cinderella wear a mask? How about Snow White?”

“Not exactly,” I thoughtfully answered. “That might not look very, well ,princessy," was the best I could do.

“Let’s think…..”

What costume could incorporate a mask?

"How about an early pioneer, coming on a covered wagon through a dust storm." was the best I could do.

“No mom, that’s not pretty,” she emphatically stated.

"Okay,” brainstorming , “a pirate that wears big earrings?”

“Mommmm,” she replied quite frustrated, ‘that’s a boy!’

Never realizing how hard a simple halloween outfit would be, I was at wit’s end.

“Okay, hold on. How about a princess bandit, wearing a beautiful dress like Snow White?”

“But why is this princess bandit wearing a mask,” she questioned.

“Well, because,” now really pulling things out of my arsenal, “because this princess bandit is being chased by the witch, so she’s wearing a disguise,” I kept speaking like I was trying to talk my way out of a ticket, wondering if she was buying this bologna sandwich.

“Mom, that’s a great costume!’ A Princess Bandit!”she announced suddenly excited.

Relieved I was selling her on my scenario , I added, “Then I’ll go super scary!”

“What mom!” She excitedly jumped, ‘what are you going to be?”

“I am going as a mom without a mask. When they answer the door, if they get scared and drop the candy, you grab it, remember your manners, say thank-you, and run!”

“Just like a princess bandit!” She enthusiastically replied.

“Exactly,” finally relieved that I had resolved the Halloween conundrum.

Happy Halloween, Have fun, and best of luck on the costumes!


Lisa Hamilton / The Hamilton Post

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