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Meant to Fly

The butterfly represents rebirth, which became the inspira- tion for the icon design of the single "Meant To Fly." Pink (childlike faith) feathers emerged out of this creative process.

Foretelling a future yet to come

Upon discovering the single Meant to Fly on iTunes from Amanda Earhart, it was so beautifully intriguing, yet left so much to the imagination, I had to inquire about the back story behind the lyrics.

During our interview, which was more of a coffee chat on the deck of the Montage in Laguna Beach, she gave me a little background on herself divulging that she has coached contestants on The Voice, and American Idol. Soon to release more music under her own label Hart Records, she is presently planning on touring once venues open up.

At last after the initial formalities, I finally asked her the meaning behind the song. Amanda: “I was shopping around for a great record to cut and one of my co-writing buddy’s had this song idea pretty much done — it just needed a bridge. I loved it because at the time, I felt it would inspire listeners and encourage them to achieve their dreams. So we finished writing it and completed the track.”

"I remember it like it was yesterday. When I first laid down the vocals in Eric’s studio, my desire was to give people hope. I had no idea how much it would have deeper meaning down the road. Not only did I find out how many people were touched by the track after it’s release, but in between the recording session and the date we put it out for the world to hear, the song itself for me also took on a new metamorphosis."

"I feel like the story was in two parts — meaning there was a before and after. Just like a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, I personally experienced my own rebirth. After walking through a tough season in my personal life, God not only inspired me to design the single artwork representing rebirth, refinement (gold), and childlike faith (pink), but He said it was now time to release the song and let it 'fly'.”


Written in the past it foretold her future

We continued to talk, as she divulged her amazing backstory. Writing this song when life was at its peak, yet, at the time of release her personal life had collapsed.

Yet, it was also the time she found God in a profound way.

She cherishes these lyrics now, as she knows God was speaking to her, "Amanda, don't look at the circumstances. You are meant to soar above them, you are meant to fly.” Looking back on this song, it was His promise to her that the future would be different. And now today, in the future looking back, her life definitely is.

I think we are all meant to fly. Once the stars are aligned, and the timing is right, God reveals what has been hidden in secret. It is a song of hope for all, knowing He is always working behind the scenes on your behalf.

"There was no back story." she laughs. "It was a future story if there is such a thing," she smiles with a twinkle in her eye, as she was definitely Meant to Fly.

Please enjoy this song as I have over and over.

Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post

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