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PC for Dummies Please!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Does anyone know where I can find a PC class for dummies? {Possibly an online zoom class?)

I simply can’t keep up with the lingo, and I feel at any given moment I could offend someone?

I am a white American, yet can I say that? Is the word white offensive? To be more politically correct should I refer to myself as an American of non-color? But what if others assume I am referring to the Asian culture?

To remedy that conundrum would it be correct to say, I am a white American yet I do get tan in the summer. I believe that would differentiate me from the Asian culture who does not have the same melon in their skin.

But I most definitely need help in referring to the Afro American culture. In broaching the movement of Black Lives Matter, would it be more appropriate as a non-color American who tans in the summer, allude to the movement as Of Color Lives Matter?

Is tan a color?

Yet, here is the continuous conundrum. Which culture of color does that encompass? Italian American are of color. Hawaiian Americans are of color. Those coming from Mexico are of color. The Black Afro Americans are of color? Some white Americans of non-color get soo tan in the summer, it is hard to pin point if they are born of color, or just a tan non-color?

Truly I need help. To be completely technically correct, in the spectrum of colors, neither white nor black are on the color spectrum. We are both color absentees.

So why not join one combined race referring to both blacks and whites as the color absentee class? Join forces? Kumbaya together and drop the racial divide? Ironically, wave the white and black finish flag?

I am unable to speak about gender if I should assume that a male is identifying as a woman, should they have checked “U” undecided on their Driver’s License.

Please tell me someone else is as confused as I am in keeping up with the Politically Correct thing to say, so the sensitivities of others won’t be ruffled.

May I offer a solution?

What if we go back to the Old fashioned way of asking, “Hey, what is your nationality?” And the responding person, hopefully decided male or female rather than an undecided fluid, would concisely answer, “Oh, thanks for asking. I am part Italian, part French”

Or is that too offense to say I am French because of Napoleon Bonaparte and the French revolution?

Possibly we could identify ourselves by longitudes and latitudes references?

“Hi I am of 47 degrees latitude/ 2 degrees longitude, glad to meet you.” Thereby, never revealing our country of origin not to offend. Or if we had a higher latitude degree would we be deemed racist?

Is anyone on my page? There is not enough PC lingo to cover this crazy.

When did we lose pride in our God given culture and ancestory? In divulging and owning our heritage?

Taking pride in our culture

To refer to the German nationality is not a racial slur referring to the Nazi regime, but rather a highly intelligent ingenuitive culture, engineering some of the highest performing cars in the world.

Can you imagine living life without the Volkswagen bug?


In referring to Italians, the reference is an extroverted culture who makes great wine, great laughter, great love, showing us how to live life to the fullest.

To Chianti Riserva cincin!


In making reference to the Asian culture, is not a racial reference to Pear Harbor, but rather identifies the expertise and meticulous attention to detail, this culture inherently possess. One that we appreciate in the medical fields. A culture that has taught us the high honor and respect for one another.

Can you imagine a life without sushi and sake?


Mexicans have blessed our country demonstrating “it takes a village” forming family ties and loyalties. They are hard working people that have helped built our country teaching us the strength of community.

Could we now exist without salsa, nachos and margaritas?


The Afro American race has given our country heart and soul, spirituality, entertainment, and an athletic ability that has given sports a value, respectfully earning some of the highest paid salaries in our country.

What would we do if we didn't have gospel music to worship?


Our European founding fathers have pioneered this land fighting the revolutionary war and civil war as 600,000 men gave their life to abolish slavery and uphold freedom for all men..

May we now go forward with all the liberties we have fought and won.

What if our founding fathers did not sacrifice their life for our freedoms?

May we embrace our melting pot nation, identify and honor our cultures, proudly announcing our heritage without shaming each other as racist.

Possibly if we need special lingo to be politically correct, we should throw away the manuel and return to old fashioned freedom of speech without verbal violations of offense.

Since we're all Americans, shouldn't we all start speaking English, rather than the updated newest version of PC?

Wouldn't that be a whole lot easier? Being offended is just too exhausting.


Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post

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