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Updated: Nov 19, 2018

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THERE ARE MOMENTS IN LIFE that change the course of history, yet there are other rare defining moments that change the course of eternity.

In one bite of the infamous apple in the Garden, mankind opened the door to evil in its highest form….doubt and unbelief.

Our eternal position with God in paradise was forever altered abandoning us to the struggle of choosing between good vs evil/ faith vs.fear.

“You may eat the fruit of any tree of the Garden, but do not eat of the Tree of Knowledge,” was God’s only decree in paradise.

Thus, in a single command saturated in love and wisdom, the root of temptation began in the human heart. Why not? Why should we listen? Why can’t we choose of our own free will? was the cry of man.

And so it was, the bite that opened destiny’s door to the knowledge of evil, listening to a voice that man was never designed to hear. Invading this thoughts with doubt and fear, veiling the spiritual truth of God’s omnipotence was the fall of man.

Given the mastery to creatively manifest, man now struggled with lost vision of the divine plans and purposes of his own life.

The unparalleled gift of calling things into existence from heavenly realms to an earthly manifestation was buried beneath an unbelieving mind.

The era of evil, doubting the majesty of God was never intended to reside within us. To hear the voice of fear sabotaging every risk we were intended to take, became our greatest enemy.

From spiritual beings who created our futures using our imagination, our minds were lost seeing only the natural realm of what was and not what could be.

Yet, in the midst of our spiritual struggle, atonement arises redeeming us from the fall of the forbidden fruit.

A simple prayer that opens heaven over our lives, reinstating our authority and power on earth to once again create our destiny with the magnificent Creator.


Our Father who art in Heaven…..restores our spiritual origin of living from the unseen. Of calling things that have already been ordained in Heaven into our existence on earth.

To declare Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven is an act of war: a cry defeating forces that cause postponment of unfulfilled dreams.

It is the shout of Kingdom come now! Invade darkness now! Break through the barrier of delay now! A prayer that command circumstances to change and align with the perfect will of God. A template that bids Thy Kingdom come.


Within this perfect prayer lies the power to pull from heaven all resources we need on earth.

Within this prayer our dominion is reestablished extinguishing the ability for evil to operate.

Within this prayer we return to the Garden of Eden, living in paradise on earth.

Taking this template we ask for all we need, by faith knowing it will come. By this prayer we live in the unseen, until it is manifested into the tangible realm of our lives.

OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN Hallowed, Almighty, Powerful is your Name.

Your Kingdom come of justice, healing, prosperity, (whatever we need) Your Perfect Will be done (over the matter of_________) On earth, as it is already perfectly resolved, manifested in heaven.

Give us this day peace, laughter, joy, finances, ideas, health, answers (whatever we need for the day)

Forgive us for fearing evil rather than living by faith in perfect peace

Forgive us for doubting your ability to create miracles over our lives.

We forgive all who have hurt us by reacting to the voice of fear and self protection.

We forgive them that they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will. (2 Timothy 2:26)

Deliver us from the temptation of listening to unbelieving, fearful, thoughts. For Thine is the power, and the Glory (manifested miracles) forever.


With this divine prayer we have called heaven to earth.

We have uprooted the powers of evil to operate against God’s perfect Will for us.

We have released the forces of the Kingdom to come into our lives.

But most importantly, we have returned to our origin in the Garden in relationship with God.

Without worry.

Without striving.

Without fear.

Once again living in the paradise called peace, as our lives are living testaments of His Glory.