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The Grinch who Could Not Steal Christmas

In the wee town of Californiaville, there seemed to be the Grinch who stole the Christmas of 2020.

The buzz of the shopping malls were silent. The laughter in the restaurants which were now closed couldn’t be heard, and the gathering of friends had become illegal.

The Californiavilles did not gather around the Christmas Tree sipping their coffee drinks anticipating the magnificent Tree Lightning Celebration because gatherings were forbidden.

Yet, not remembering that the Grinch stole Christmas, and the cancelled Christmas Tree Lightening Ceremony, two Californiavilles drove to the event suddenly realizing it was not.

“Hmm,” they thought. “Just because the Grinch stole Christmas doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate!”

“Exactly,” the other said. “ We’re going to celebrate anyway.”

So the two Califroniavilles looked around to see what they could find. If all the stores were closed, if all the gatherings were forbidden, and the Christmas Tree lightening was canceled, why couldn’t they celebrate differently? Why couldn’t they create the magic of Christmas by themselves?

So the two Californianvilles went to Whole Foods and bought a chilled bottle of champagne, crackers and goat cheese with raspberry jam. They popped the cork, and had a picnic by the fountain at Neiman Marcus.

They proceeded to window shop after their picnic, knowing that one day the store would be open, and until then they were happy,

Suddenly seeing the magnificent Christmas Tree, they jumped on the huge oversized presents and cheered

“Just because the Grinch stole Christmas, doesn’t mean that we ever have to stop celebrating!” they both agreed.

They went home and watched Hallmark movies, making bets on how it would end, which was always easy, and decided it was a great day.

Tomorrow would be another celebration, because after all celebrating is a lifestyle not an event.

Celebrating is a lifestyle

This Christmas choose to celebrate. Choose to celebrate everyday. Choose to find what you do have to create magic moments.

Celebrate Emanuel, God with us, God in us, God for us.
Celebrate Joy that no matter what is taken from us, God will always replace.

God causes ALL THINGS to work for good.” -Romans 8:28

And because of that, The Grinch will never be able to steal Christmas.


Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post

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