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When life gives you lemons.....

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

By Lisa Hamilton

....make lemonade.

In light of our history making era, one day when looking back on these times dubbed Covid Cra-Cra, we will remember the heroes who have gained our awe and respect.

But may I suggest other heroes that might have been overlooked? Other heroes that have sacrificed comfort zones for creative solutions. Real pioneers who have forged a way finding solutions in unchartered territories. And others that have fought for their freedoms.

These heroes deserved to be named and acknowledged for their true American spirit, of taking the lemons of life and making lemonade.

3rd runner up-

Happy Hour Hero

Just because restaurants are closed did we give up our right to happy hour? These heroes forge through bad times choosing to hang onto happy. No matter what, even if these store owners have lost all clientele, at 5 o'clock there is always a reason to solo celebrate.

Cheers! Joie de vivre!

2nd runner up-

Pioneer Picnic Hero

Just because the beaches are closed, doesn't deter these trailblazers. Picnicing on stairs, peering through orange plastic netting, is nothing to this pioneer. She is still fighting for her land, even though it might be a mere cement parcel.

Cheese and crackers anyone?

1st runner up-

Never Say Die Hero

These heroes don't take no for an answer, especially when it comes to closed boutiques. Though husbands may be slightly perturbed that their garages have been converted into nail salons, or their golf clubs set outside for studio chairs, they must respect their wives creative solutions.

When the going get tough the tough get pedicures.

The Winner -

The Eternal Traveler

Though all these deserving heroes hold their own place in history, by far, the eternal traveler who will never concede his freedoms, nor vacation privileges, earns the badge of honor. No matter what dangers befall him, what risks he takes, he sacrifices all for the sake of travel.

Thereby earning first place in the 2020 Lemonade Award


by Lisa Hamilton

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1 Comment

Julia Shalom Jordan
Julia Shalom Jordan
Jun 26, 2020

Love this! Thank you for this fresh dose of juice. Great ending. :)

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