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God starts with Impossible

When life has taken a turn for the worse,
When there is no hope for the future,
When all possible solutions have been exhausted...

...Is when impossible begins

Impossible is God's starting point. Our impossible situations are actually divine set-ups to finally call out UNCLE! It is as if God has been waiting for this moment to release His divine intervention repairing our shattered circumstances.

Jeremiah 18:3

So I went down to the potter’s house, and I saw him working at the wheel. But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him.

Reshaping our lives.

Sometimes events happen, changing the course of our lives. Our past life will never return to status quo. In our futile attempt to fix what is broken, our situations become hopeless.


But what if God has another plan?

What if His plan isn’t to fix what is broken, but rather to reshape our lives into something new?

Just as the potter with his loving hands spun the marred clay on the wheel into another pot, different than the pot before.

Leaine Dehmer's Story

“I received the news that all businesses were closing by the first of the month. I was in shock,” Leaine Dehmer, founder of Skinsations Spa, explained recalling the announcement. “I actually started shaking. I had overhead to pay, rent to pay, but even more importantly I desperately needed a car for work.”

“Owning a spa, most of my clients were on membership programs. So of course, the first of the month was my big payday, and this month was the month I was planning to save to buy a car I desperately needed,"she expressed shaking her head .”I can’t tell you what a blow that was. It’s as if I went numb.”

“That day was a hard day. I shut my business down, and closed the doors. Yet, the following day was the worst. Opening my computer, I cancelled each automated membership one by one. Thirty years of building relationships, yet in one day I ended them all, and feared I would loose these relationships forever."

Starting with Impossible

“I remember my whole body stated shaking with the floodgate of emotions."

I was afraid of what was to come, but mostly I was afraid of the unknown, My life just entered the impossible zone.

There was only one option I had left. Pray: a one word prayer of Help!

“I believe this is where God begins…at the impossible, when we have no resources, no help, no answers. We have nothing but a desperate dependency on Him,” Leaine recalls.

“I realized I had to take my eyes off the circumstances and focus on the upgrade God wanted to give me.

My situation wasn’t a loss, but rather a gain I just didn’t see it yet.

"Instead of forcing a closed door open, I looked for new doors that were waiting for me to walk through.”

“I remembered sitting at my desk in a daze. Without staff, of course it was impossible to book any facials which were the bread of butter of my business. Now What? I was thinking to myself,” retelling this moment in time.

God with his loving hands was spinning the marred clay on the wheel into another pot, different than the pot before.

Open Doors

‘I was literally staring at my product line, hopelessly pondering my next move, when all of a sudden I thought Product Sale! That’s it. My open door. “

“We can’t do things as before, because when life changes, and we don’t, that's when we become stuck. Look for open doors. If you can’t see them ask God where to find them.

There are new opportunities all around.”

“I advertised my product sale, and started giving away samples of my new formulas added to my line. It was crazy. For the first time in a long time, because I didn’t have a receptionist, I was having one on one conversions with my clients telling them about all the new products that apparently that did not know about.

“Sales skyrocketed,” she smiled as if she herself couldn’t believe the miraculous turn around.

“Everyday I prayed for each financial hurdle to be met, and unbelievably I met them all. I knew it was God, meeting me at the impossible.”

“As my clients told me about their own struggles, there were times I gave away the products as if to say I know how you feel, I'm scared too. These are the times we have to live by Fatih."

It seemed the more I gave away, the more the phone orders came in.

"Truly, it was laughable. I think that month was one of my most enjoyable, let alone the most profitable.”


It was an inspiring talk, standing up to leave she annouced, “Oh I forgot to tell you. Besides all that, I had enough money left over to buy a new car.”

Walking away I saw her open the door to her beautiful CLS Mercedes.

“Nice,” I chuckled to myself. “ The God of the impossible has great taste!”

- Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post

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