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Until God opens another door, Praise Him in the Hallway

Transformation happens in the Hallways of life

Oftentimes we are impatient for our trials to end, our circumstance to be resolved, and our problems to disappear, yet these are the very things that transform us.

Trust is the gold that is developed in the waiting period before your breakthroughs.

Release your trials to God, believing that in the end His ways are higher than your ways, and the final outcome is something more than we imagined.

Accept His Perfect Will though it may seem our dreams are being detoured.

Believe His Hidden Hand is at work behind the scenes.

Count all trials as joy, as this is what brings fears to the surface, and forces faith to rise up.

It’s the journey before God opens the doors that will be remembered, and finding courage in the middle of the storm that will never be forgotten.

All the chances, all the risks that are taken, when we take a leap of faith, is the time when God pulls out the best in us.

Praise God in the hallways until He opens another door.



God, I am in the middle of a storm. Sometimes I fell this storm of life will overtake me. I am afraid of what will happen. I am afraid of the unseen future.

Yet, I choose to believe and praise You. I choose to remember your word as you said,

"Be still and Know that I am God."

As the Israelites stood in the desert, with the approaching Egyptian army behind them and the Red Sea before them, they had no escape. Yet, they praised You as you were their only hope of rescue.

You are a God that brings unforeseen miracles by a wave of your Hand, brings resources where non existed before, and has your way with the earthly realm by a spoken word of your Perfect Will.


I Praise you God, because you posses all power on heaven and earth. I praise you as you are teaching me to overcome fear, and stand strong in faith until

you open another door.

In Jesus powerful Name who moves the heart of the Father



LIsa Hamilton/ Matt Valentine/ The Hamilton Post

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