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The Butterfly Effect

Chasing Happiness

“ God is at work within you to give you the desire and the ability to do what He pleases.”

Aligning our will is the prerequisite to everything.

If you ask for anything according to my will you shall receive it.

We have not because we ask not. The first prerequisite in having our dreams fulfilled is asking. The second is asking for the right things. You have not because you ask with wrong motives.

Oftentimes, we have figured out the best plan for our life and now we are ready for God to step in and make it happen. We have analyzed situations and come up with the perfect solutions. Now all we have to do is pray.

God’s ways are so much higher than our ways. As Garth Brooks said, “thank God for unanswered prayers.”

Thank God that some of the things we prayed about didn’t happen!

The Butterfly Effect

There is a movie The butterfly effect. It is about a man who wants to redo his life, change all his mistakes and redirect his path. He is plopped back to the beginning of time when he made his first life mistake. He was given the chance to change all of his if only this didn’t happen life events. He was given the opportunity to orchestrate his life as he saw best according to his will.

He righted all the wrong turns. He fixed all the situations that did not go the way he planned. He changed his destiny.

He stepped back to the symphony he created altering people’s lives, directing different scenarios, and orchestrating different outcomes then sat back and pushed play.

Suddenly illuminated he realized that all the wrong turns led to the right path, all the if only this did not happen events were the stepping stones to what happened next. Astonishingly, his life had been perfectly planned. He could not compete with the masterpiece that was interwoven, into his mistakes, producing a glorious outcome.

You cannot chase a butterfly, and you cannot chase your own happiness. Be still and let it come to you.


Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post

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