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Gorging, Giving and Gratitude


I love November. it's the coziest month of the year, and for that reason I've designated it as 30 days of guilt free pleasure,

I celebrate November on the opening commencement day of October 31, enjoying bars of chocolate Halloween candy. Once I hit my initial weight gain and cross over the guilt barrier, I am home free anticipating more lbs to come with the finale of Thanksgiving Dinner.

Setting my goal at a three pound weight gain, anything over is merely an added accomplish, knowing I enjoyed November more than anticipated.


November is all about the month of giving

Join the match fund project TO SAVE A VILLAGE with The Hamilton Post Magazine. 

It is our goal to reach $25,000 TO SAVE A VILLAGE,i in this giving month of November.  As the Nderiat Village has been on a waiting list for help, this month to their surprise we are taking them off that list providing them with clean water, food, health care, parental income, and education to further their lives. 

Join our journey with the Unstoppable Foundation and experience the life changing transformation as we as a community give TO SAVE A VILLAGE.

Be aware of even the smallest acts of kindness you can personally participate in so many needs today, especially in light of the times.


Though we have all been through a season of hardship, waking up to a new day, with all the blessings of family and friends from the day before, is enough to be very grateful.

anything else is icing on the cake, or shall we say extra whipped cream on pumpkin pie.

So enjoy this November. Gorge, Give. and be Grateful that in this country you can always go back for seconds


Joie De Vivre!

Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post


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