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GSFE Opens in Beverly Hills

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Global Society For Female Entrepreneurs Opens its New Chapter in Beverly Hills CA

The first event of the Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs is a Get Out And Vote and Membership Drive Event

By: Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. --- The Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs (GSFE) is proud to announce the opening of its Beverly Hills chapter.

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills the GSFE has managed to attract the top talent in the industry to represent topics that are at the forefront in the minds of business owners and entrepreneurs. In addition to Educational sessions, GSFE members are able to develop relationships that become critical sources of support and inspiration. Meet women who understand your challenges and who can provide encouragement and share practical solutions. Learn from experts with the information you need to continue to grow both professionally and personally and make professional connections that will lead to new business opportunities.

"It's all about showing up!"

- Robbie Motter, Founder and CEO of GSFE.


Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs (GSFE)

Mission is to empower, inspire and connect women so they become successful entrepreneurs and enjoy fulfilling, productive and abundant lives.The Global Society For Female Entrepreneurs was formed by Robbie Motter in 2017. It is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization. Its mission is to empower, inspire, mentor, educate and connect women so they become successful entrepreneurs and enjoy fulfilling, productive and abundant lives. The vision is unlimited success through National and International networking and a well known legacy of making positive differences in peoples lives.

With an extraordinary knack for connecting women, Robbie Motter has spent a lifetime making a difference. Her motto of “Just Show Up” has proved time and again to be the catalyst for amazing change in people’s lives, including her own. In 2017, Robbie decided to found the Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs to inspire more women to realize their dreams and to give them the tools to get there. As the long standing Global Coordinator for the National Association of Female Executives, Robbie has been committed to educating and connecting women from around the world. GSFE enables her to expand those efforts and design programs for her ever growing network of women.

The GSFE connects women by aggregating data from multiple sources to create a comprehensive database of relevant business events and conferences in major metropolitan areas in the US. These events are curated into weekly newsletters, providing recommendations for more than 200,000 subscribers.

The members of the GSFE board of directors are thought leaders who have made a significant

contribution to our society. Each and every one of them brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the GSFE organization.

The Hamilton Post Magazine is correcting the error on 10/17/20 reversing profiles on Shelly Ruffin/ Angela Covany

Honoring GSFE women entreprenuers for their outstanding contributions, the following are the recipients of the World Kindness Award:

Sandie Fuenty

Sales Director of Mary Kay Inc., Director of the GSFE Lake Elsinore/Murrieta/Wildomar chapter

Sandie started her career with Mary Kay over 27 years ago, while working a Corporate job and running the family’s heating and air conditioning company. The priorities of Mary Kay Ash brought her into the company – faith first, family second, career third – and that the company believed in treating everyone by the Golden Rule.  This atmosphere was quite different than corporate America.  On August 1, 2020 (which happened to be her 49th wedding anniversary) she became an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay (top 2% of the company) with the help of her unit of 33 hand-picked ladies.  They went on to qualify for the 2021 Chevy Malibu on September 1, 2020.  What is amazing is that this was during the Pandemic when so many companies were floundering.  Sandie says she owes it all to taking God as her partner in this business and grabbing on to the new virtual way of doing business.  Next goal is to reach Fabulous 50’s with 50 unit members.

Sandie has been with NAFE and the transition to GSFE for over 4 years.  Little did she know how this would open so many doors.  She learned to SHOW UP and ASK and helped reawaken her business.  Through Robbie’s mentoring she started writing for a local paper, wrote a chapter for an upcoming book, and is working on her own manuscript.  She loves facilitating the monthly meetings, whether in person or Zoom, and helping other women broaden their sphere of influence.

She has been a Board Member on the Dresses and Dreams Project for several years and still very active in the organization, and is Secretary of the VeriDivas. She has been presented wiyh many awards signed by two Presidents, is an Ambassador and speaker representing the Mary Kay Charitable Foundation focusing on women’s cancers and domestic violence, and has received Recognition Certificates from Senators, Congress, and local Charities and Organizations.

Sandie is the recipient of the Gold Medal Presidential World Kindness Day award.


Reanna Ritter

Financial Controller, Business Owner

Reanna was born and raised in beautiful South Lake Tahoe and she was the youngest of six siblings. Reanna saw education as the way out. Schools in Tahoe, “The Gem of the Sierras”, taught students to be environmentally focused. She found that when you value and care for your resources all aspects of your life tend to be better. She values people who adapt well to change, are environmentally conscious, who have an attitude of gratitude and who value personal and professional growth.

Growing up, Reanna worked with her father in a small carpet cleaning business and she learned that service, quality, and cash flow will make or break a business. He stressed the importance of being responsive, professional, and maintaining an excellent reputation.

Even though attending college was discouraged by her family as a waste of money, she disagreed and found a way to go, earning a bachelor's degree in Accounting in 2012, and a master's degree in Business in 2017. Within 2 years she was promoted to Financial Controller and progressed in corporate accounting for midsize restaurant chains for the next 4 years. Through that experience she saw a need for business process change. Reanna said "So many companies are still on paper, for example. Their red tape, resistance to change and lack of technology adoption makes progress slow. Most of the head-aches business owners endure can be eliminated through investment in technology and investment in their people".

She started her business to help her clients recognize opportunities in providing excellent customer and employee experiences. Upholding these values leads to higher profits long term.

Reanna is the recipient of the Presidential World Kindness Day Service Award.


Jean Olexa

Business Owner, Professional Organizer, Nanny

Jean Olexa known as Ms. “O” and owner of “O” 2 B Organized is a woman of many talents. She has helped individuals and companies to be organized by showing people how to declutter and assisting her clients in reclaiming their valuable time. She is also an expert in putting beautiful baskets together for your events. At every event because of the beautiful baskets a wonderful profit was made by the organizations.

Jean also has spent many volunteer hours serving community organizations in her area and has been presented with numerous awards like the Call To Service award from two Presidents, Certificates of Recognition from Ca State Senators and CA Assembly individuals, the City of Menifee and the All Women Rock award.  She is a woman of high integrity that gets the job done.

Jean is the recipient of the Presidential World Kindness Day Service Award.


Roslyn Kahn

College Professor, Public Speaking Instructor, Author, International Motivational Speaker and Speech Coach, Member of the GSFE San Fernando Valley chapter

Ms. Kahn has been an educator for the last 20 years, teaching Public Speaking, English as Second Language in colleges and high schools throughout Southern California. She also is a TEDx speaker. She is noted as the Coach who helps others Master their message with passion and purpose.

Rosalyn has trained thousands of students and worked with individuals from teens to business executives to improve their presentation skills and their earnings. Her gift is helping individuals achieve their goal by speaking with their authentic voice.

Last year she was awarded Woman of the Year and recognized by Assemblyman Adrian Nazarian. Los Angeles Tribune ran a cover story on her as a business woman.  She was recently recognized as a Nominee for Los Angeles Business Journal. Rosalyn has also launched a television network with IGTV called Community of Unity

Roslyn is the recipient of the Bronze Medal Presidential World Kindness Day award.


Katherine Orho

Member of GSFE Lake Elsinore/Murrieta/Wildomar chapter

Katherine Orho is a proud woman with a heart of gold.  She has supported our group by visiting other GSFE groups during this virtual time, when our group took a hiatis.  Katherine has always supported this organization by her presence, her support, and her prayers.

Sandie Fuenty, the director, says "Her heart is huge. There were several times where she would reach out to me when she knew I wasn't feeling up to par, and times I would reach out to her when I could see her inner smile was missing.  Words to describe here are:  steadfast, dependable, loving, supportive, a captivating smile that embraces everyone nearby".  She also volunteers her time with other community groups. This year has been a time of finding herself and testing her strength, and all we can say is, SHE WILL SURVIVE.

Katherine is the recipient of the Bronze Medal Presidential World Kindness Day award.


Robbie Motter:

Founder / CEO, Entrepreneur, Author, Radio Host, Certified National Speaker

The history of female entrepreneurs dates back many centuries ago. Unfortunately, you probably didn’t hear about any of them in your history text books. However, these female business owners were pioneers in their time and made it possible for other women to follow in their footsteps. One such pioneer is Robbie Motter. Early in her career in Corporate America she saw women who where not supporting each other. This did not sit well with Robbie. On her life long quest to help other female entrepreneurs come together she has helped create two of the largest female entrepreneur groups in America and now in the world.

Robbie’s motto is “Just show up!”

She has spent almost four decades volunteering her time to empower, inspire, educate and connect women so they can become successful entrepreneurs and having them soar to great heights even more than they imagined. This is why Robbie Motter is the recipient of the President’s Gold Medal of Honor for a lifelong commitment to female entrepreneurs. The kindness Robbie gives to each one of her gals is the strength for them to strive and achieve greatness.


For more information about the Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs and our upcoming events email us at

Sharon Doyle, Director

Lisa Sanfilippo, Co-Director

Janet Zipper, Branch Media Host

Eunice Delfin, Membership


By Sharon Doyle/ contributor/ The Hamilton Post

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