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Unstick your Stuck Life: Happy makes things Happen

One day while aimlessly wandering around my living room, I started wondering why I had this low grade depression.

Nothing was really wrong. But nothing was really right either. I was in a dull, boring, bad vibe place, so when I couldn’t pinpoint it, it was a time to talk to God.

“Why am I depressed?”

“Because you’re not happy,” God answered as if He was saying Duh..

Laughingly, I responded back, “That’s a good one God. Ha Ha funny.

Okay, the obvious. I was depressed because I wasn’t happy.

Almost like the scene from Forest Gump, when Bubba took his last breath asks, “Forest, why did this happen to me?”

Clearly Forest answers, "Cuz ya got shot.”

Right. Nothing philosophical about it. Bubba got shot, and I wasn’t happy. Plain and simple.

Happy makes things happen

Instantly, as if realizing the word for the first time, I saw it. Happen comes from the word happy.

Happy is the impetus to make things happen.

The revelation came: Happy is a force, like a magnet. When you are happy you enter into the law of attraction. Truly, good positive things start to stir around you. Why did I just start that conversation with a stranger that had just what I was looking for? How did I find the very thing I needed?

How is it that the happier I am, the more things start to happen around me?

Just Get Happy

Changing an outlook changes your vibration for sure. Why is it that all the self help guru junkies start their day off with appreciation? Because as you notice things that make you happy, literally increase your frequency scale of attraction.

Once this frequency scale rises, it opens doors to the creative centers in your brain. And as this creative center opens it opens even more doors to opportunities which further empower new plans for the future.

Happy increases energy which makes life exciting and desirable, rather than dreaded. Energy inspires you to jump right into the center of life and start swimming.

All this because you turned on your happy center.

An easy fix

Just like changing a flat tire, change your mood.

How long are you going to drive around in a go nowhere life before you decide to get dirty and make it happen. If you are depressed, then just don’t be. It’s really that simple.

Just like burnt toast, don’t throw it away. Scrape off what you don’t like, slap some butter on it, an enjoy it.

If it just takes happy to make things happen, then my suggestion is:

Get Happy!

Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post

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