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I Believe

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

I believe in our country.

I believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I believe that our nation was founded on Christian principles, In God we trust

I believe in my forefathers who died, to give us freedom

I believe that we the people have a right to worship without restrictions

I believe in the Stature of Liberty Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

I believe in our open arms to the immigrants, yet closed boarders to protect our own citizens.

I believe in generosity to our poor, yet protection for those that are burdened by unfair taxes to provide for those who can provide for themselves, yet choose not to.


I believe we the people have a right to free enterprise to our own success and failures without government interference.

I believe in a free country rather than socialism where the government promises programs for free, yet increases our taxes to pay for it, until poverty sweeps over the land.

I believe we the people have a right to govern our own affairs, without government regulations, restrictions, control, destroying our rights to prosper in business

I believe in capitalism of private property and a profit based economy where we the people have the freedom to reach the highest monetary goals possible, rather than socialism where our businesses are communally owned and we receive no reward for our efforts that are rightfully ours.

I believe in strong families thriving under the favor of God.

I believe in the commitment of marriage and vows to stand in another's time of weakness

I believe in the power of united prayer between husband and wife that moves mountains

I believe in fathers who provide and protect

I believe in mothers who nurture

I believe that each women has a right to her own body, but not that of an innocent baby ending a life that has not yet begun.

I believe in the Declaration of Independence exerting our rights to govern ourselves

I believe in the freedom we have fought against the slavery of socialism and control

I believe in the civil war where our forefathers fought for justice, Martin Luther King who peacefully protested for dignity of his people,

I believe in acknowledging unities that have been fought and won, rather than remembering a divisive past that we have progressed passed.

I believe in the privilege of putting my hand over my heart and standing for the pledge of allegiance to the last free standing country in the world

I believe in our freedom.

This is your time to stand up and vote for your values to keep our country free.


Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post Magazine

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