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Love at First Frequency

Is love at first sight merely an idealistic notion reserved for the romantics, or is it possible within the first serendipitous encounter you have met your soul mate?

And if this phenomena is true, then how does this occurrence happen?

Love is a Frequency

If all emotions have a vibrational scale, truly we attract what we feel: our impatience attracts the longest wait lines, fear attracts disease on all levels, light heartedness invites laughter, and of course love attracts love.

But what if we have a unique vibration and we attract love by vibrating at the same frequencies as our soul mate? What if love actually connects on a nano level of quantum physics as if our lover harmonizes in perfect pitch to the love song within?

One of my most fascinating studies has been the revealing of the DNA strand taken from a drop of blood in a lab.

Consisting of 22 amino acids the DNA strand is converted into a scale of 22 music notes, revealing a musical melody embedded within the DNA data.

You are a musical song resonating a frequency in the spiritual realm.

What if love at first sight is the magic when two songs converge creating a symphony?

In the physical realm it would be impossible to immediately fall in love, but what if this happens on a spiritual realm in an instant merging of souls?


Chronicles of love at first sight.

Melanie and Eric

“I was, to be honest, quite a flirt. I dated and dumped men faster than you could say… next! Always after a few months, the relationship went stale like a bag of Cheetos. Until one night….. a dance club with my girlfriends, a man walked right past me. Honestly, I can’t explain it, but I HAD TO MEET HIM. He was on his way to the restrooms, so that was a little awkward to say the least, yet unbeknownst to him I followed."

As he exited, I boldly asked, "Hey, can I take you out to dinner?"

"Of course he was shocked, surprised, probably a little repulsed by this strange girl making such an odd advancement."

"He said nothing, contemplating my request."

"As I was standing right in front of a trash can, I started pulling out half eaten hamburgers, bags of stale French fries, offering it to him."

Bursting out laughing he responded, “Who are you?”

“Melanie,” I responded and walked away.

"The evening continued, and though we didn’t talk after that, we smiled from across the room sharing our own private joke."

"It was finally time to leave, yet he never approached me once. Exiting with his friends, he smiled as if say, nice meeting you, and walked out."

"My heart sunk. What was it about this man, who I didn’t even know, make me feel like I just ended a relationship I never had?

"Piling in the car with his friends, as they were driving away, he blurted out, “Wait! Stop! Let me out. I need to do something.”

"Surprising me in the same shocking way I surprised him, he came up to me, “Melanie, can I have your number? Can I take you to dinner in a non trash can way?”

"On the second date, I told him I loved him, but inside I was really saying, just ask me to marry you and I’ll say yes."

"Months later he did, seconds later I said yes, years later we have 5 kids and every year gets better and better."

Do I believe in love at first sight? Do I believe that there was in instant unexplainable feeling of attraction?

I married him didn’t I?


Leslie and Todd


"Looking back on the week I first met Leslie was no doubt a miraculous intervention. I had been in and out of bad relationships, and I wanted something more."

"A friend came up to me that week saying that God put it on his heart to pray for me as He was about to change my life. Then days later another friend did the same thing. "God is preparing you for someone, yet you must never go back to the relationships of your past. If you trust Him, He wants to bring you someone that is everything you have been asking for. Yet in a package you might not expect. Will you say yes to Him?"

"Though it was a simple question, it hit me like a ton of bricks. For years I attempted to make a bad relationship work, and as we were separated once again, I knew this time I could never go back if I wanted what God had. It was a painful "yes" but I was ready for more."

"Days later it was Mother's Day and visiting my mother the same thing happened. She was inspired to pray for me yet asked me another question: 'Will you release all expectations of the type of girl you will date? Will you release the vow that you will never date a woman with children?'"

It was another heart wrenching question, but God wanted to open a door that I had locked. In determining my perfect mate, I had obviously failed. So again one more time I said "yes" to God.

I remember my mother hugging me good-bye laughing, "Who knows you may meet her today!"


It was Mother's Day, yet, for me bittersweet. Only last year I celebrated with my husband who had unexpectantly passed leaving me widowed. Yet, on this particular day something told me to go the beach with my two year old daughter and enjoy the life I did have, albeit without him.

"It was one of the days where the water seemed bluer, the sun seemed brighter, and the ocean breeze was perfect. It was as if God gave me the perfect Mother's Day present as the next day I was scheduled for lasik eye surgery.

In preparation for surgery, I took out my contacts which made definitions blurry, yet did not detract from the magic of that day.

"Suddenly, a man walks up to my towel, laughingly asking, "Excuse me, are you missing something, or should I say someone?"

"Escorting my daughter, plastic shovel and all, he politely stated, "I am the towel next door, thought I might help you out.”

"We both laughed, and suddenly moments turned into hours as we engaged in conversation. I had been widowed less than a year before, and the light hearted conversation was a breath of fresh air."

"He walked back to his towel, and then turning nervously asked, “Hey, may I take you out this Friday?”

"After such an interesting exchange, I of course, said yes."

"My eye surgery went miraculously well and instantly I could see images with clarity I had never seen before."

"Friday night rolled around, and as I was about to answer the door, I realized I had made a date with a man I had never seen, other than a blurred image.'

"I suppose at the time, I felt such a deep connection with him, it really didn’t matter what he looked like.'

'As I opened the door, curiously anticipating what he did look like after all, there stood before me the most handsome man, which made my confidence melt like ice cream on a hot day."

'And yes, he was hot!"

“If I knew you were this good looking, I probably would never have talked to you, let alone go out with you. Thank God I couldn't see you.” I laughed but meant it.

"We talked every night for hours on end, walking though every subject from favorite places to live to the loss of my husband. Within the next 10 days there is nothing that we did not know about each other. The good, the bad and the ugly."

I"t was one of our all night phone conversations, when surprisingly he quizzed me

“Do you know where I would really want to live?”

Guessing I replied,” Hawaii?’

“No,” he answered.

“Italy?” I again guessed.

“No,” he answered.

“This is impossible. I can’t guess. Where would your favorite place be to live ?”

“With you…..”

"I cried as much as when I lost my husband, but this cry was different, as it was healing all the pain of the past."


"We were married within 10 weeks of knowing each other."

"He did move in to his favorite place, and a year later we shared it with our new baby daughter."


Peymaneh and Emad

"It was weeks before my wedding, and I hired a photographer to take portrait shots for our wedding album."

"The moment he walked in the door, I felt as if energy pierced my entire being. I cannot describe it. It was something that I had never felt before."

"He was married, and of course a week later I would be as well. Yet, deep down inside, as uncanny as it seems, I sensed I would live the rest of my life without my soulmate."

"Years had passed, and as we were both in the film industry, our paths crossed again. We exchanged numbers for business purposes, yet I never revealed what I had felt for him when we first met. I was content, and not believing in divorce I lived with an emptiness of what life could have been."

"During the years of my marriage, I felt him spiritually. His father passed away and I, too, felt a stab in my heart without knowing why. It was unexplainable. We were worlds apart, yet connected energetically."

"After seven years, my husband involved me in a deceptive web which devastated me professionally as well as emotionally ending in a very painful divorce."

"Unbeknownst to me, Emad had walked through his own painful separation with his wife."

"For some reason, after all the time that passed, I felt compelled to call him."

“I am free,” I made known to him, yet mostly to myself, and hung up the phone"

"Not knowing why I even felt led to call, he called back".

"Meet me," were the only words he spoke.

"We met. We kissed for the first time ever, seven years after our first meeting."

"We are twin-flames. And somehow our destinies found their way back to each other."

Yes, I believe in love at first sight. Or more appropriately, love at first frequency.


Do you Believe in love at first sight?

Tell us your story, submit to

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-Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post

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