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Mysterious money man

As I was driving along Pacific Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, out of no where it started raining. Yet, this wasn't water droplets spontaneously falling from the sky. This was cash. The real deal. Green bills.

A flurry of presidents on parade, Abraham Lincolns, George Washingtons, and Andrews Jackson swirling around with each gust of wind.

Driving in my jeep with the top pulled down, my first reaction was to stand and start grabbing this free flying cash. Snapping back into reality, I thought, for God'ssake I'm driving.

Stopping at a red light, I looked back in the rear view mirror at my daughter, and being an all American mom, I yelled, "Allie, get out! Go get it!" Seeing my daughter grab the handle ready to risk her life for a handful of Lincolns, I snapped out of my dilusionary trance, and yelled, "Allie, no get back in the car!

It was too much, too soon. too unexpected. How do you respond to cash falling from the sky?

As the light turned green, my new quest was to catch the mysterious money man. Who is this guy? Why is he randomly doing this? What is his motive?

Finally swerving and dashing through cars I caught up to him, and inappropriately yelled,

"I love you! You are the coolest!" We both laughed, appreciating the unfounded benevolence toward humanity.

Pulling off PCH, to my favorite coffee shop still mesmerized by the mysterious money man, I suddenly noticed he did a u-turn and pulled in the parking lot as well.

Out from the window, another gush of floating dollar bills came falling from the sky, yet this time my daughter and her friend quickly jumped out of the jeep to literally cash in.

Walking to his car, I felt like the insider who knew Spiderman's identity, yet I was discovering the identity of the Mysterious money man.

"Can I buy you a cup of coffee?" I laughed not wanting this opportunity to pass me by.

"Sure," he nodded.


Sitting down as strangers, I suddenly felt as if we had been friends, and after chitchatting for a bit, I asked the obvious,"Why are you throwing money out of the window?"

"I want to make people happy." was his simple answer. "There is a depression, and heaviness covering the atmosphere and I want to break it. Bring them hope in an unexpected way."

Wanting more I continued to prod, "There has to be something behind this. There has to be a deeper story than just wanting to make people happy. Why?"

He sat there almost as if he was asking himself that same question, then after a long silence he finally spoke.

"I was an airman in the Air Force. Unexpectantly, our four year term was cut short, and I found myself going back to the States, without a job. I was homeless, and so I know what it feels like not knowing the future ahead. I'm sure the way many people feel like today."

"There were many acts of generosity, yet the emotional impact was far greater than even the gifts. Shortly, I found a job and after the first few weeks I felt the spirit of God tapping on my heart.

I want you to start tithing.

"I was so thankful to finally have work, tithing was an expression of gratitude. As I tithed giving 10% back, I was suddenly getting promoted, receiving bonuses, and once a $300 tip. The more money I gave away, the more money returned.

I give away money now, not for what God will do, but for what God has already done. I want to pay it forward. One day my mission is to go back and help the homeless."

Our conversation finally ended, and I was even more mesmerized that before it began.

"What is it that you do now," I questioned.

"I'm an über driver," he answered smiling.

Who knows, the next time you take an uber ride in Laguna Beach it could be with the mysterious money man.

Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post


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