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Personality Profile Test


Finding your Core Essence

Welcome to the first step in UNSTICK YOUR STUCK LIFE SERIES

  • Living from the Inside Out! Finding your Core Essence

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  • Initiating Dreams and Desires Pursuing Purpose

  • All about Abundance Say Yes to more!

  • The Giving Heart In Sync with God


Finding your Core Essence is essential to living from the inside out. Your temperament style determines what motivates you, the way think, your energy style and ultimately the passions you pursue. Your Core Essence is a combination of your primary strength and your secondary strength blending together just as colors creating your unique style. Choose one word/phrase from each of the 21 profile questions that most describes you most of the time. Remember you have a little bit of all the strengths, therefore focus on the way you react most of the time. After you have chosen one answer from each box, tally your response using the profile answers .The most tallies represents your primary strength, the second most tallies represents your secondary strength. Scroll down and read the profile styles from your primary and secondary strength. The Four Temperament styles are:

  • Powerful

  • Persuader

  • Peaceful

  • Perfecter

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Circle the words/ phrase from the choices below which best describes you most of the time.


1. a) charismatic b) Initiates projects c) perfectionist d) supports the team

2. a) finishes projects b) perfects projects c) inspires people d) leads people

3. a) determined b) talkative c) good listener d) detail oriented

4. a) not afraid to confront b) socializes easily c) needs accuracy d) avoids conflict

5. a) patient, follows orders b) organized, scheduled c) leads, forceful, direct.

d) spontaneous

6. a) expressive, dramatic b) leads, directs c) over plans before action

d) soft spoken, agreeable

7. a) follows directions well b) juggles many ideas c) notices unfinished details

d) big picture thinker

8. a) optimistic, too trusting b) tends to acquiesce c) tends to control others

d) tends to over analyze delaying projects

9. a) likes challenges and quick results b) likes routine. c) likes freedom/ spontaneity

d) likes to plan/ time agendas

10. a) strong willed b) express/ animated c) even tempered d) high quality standards

11. a) needs bottom line. b) needs accurate facts c) needs freedom from rules/restrictions

d) needs peaceful environment/ agrees to avoid conflict

12. a) likes freedom in work. b) works well under authority. c) works alone for accuracy

d) delegates work to focus on big picture

13. a) too aggressive b) too perfectionistic c) too impulsive without facts d) too passive

14. a) impatient for results b) starts before detailed plan c) waits for detailed plan

d) patient until directed

15. a) detail oriented b) people oriented. c) result oriented d) peace oriented

16. a) easy going. b) meticulous precise c) assertive d) inspirational laughter

17. a) brainstorm ideas b) likes charts, facts, figures c) patient, mild mannered

d) needs action/ results

18. a) directs people/ strong energy b) inspires people/motivational energy

c) solves technical problems/ concentrated energy d) follows through stable energy

19. a) captivates a crowd b) goal oriented/ bold c) servant, great follower d) technically adept

20. a) dominates b) critical. c) impulsive d) patient

21 a) life of the party b) serious and analytical c) determined and forceful

d) helpful and nurturing


1. a) Persuader b) Powerful c) Perfecter d) Peaceful 2. a) Peaceful b) Perfecter c) Persuader d) Powerful 3. a) Powerful b) Persuader c) Peaceful d) Perfecter 4. a) Powerful b) Persuader c) Perfecter d) Peaceful 5. a) Peaceful b) Perfecter c) Powerful d) Persuader`

6. a) Persuader b) Powerful c) Perfecter d) Persuader 7. a) Peaceful b) Powerful c) Perfecter d) Powerful

8. a) Persuader b) Peaceful c) Powerful d) Perfecter

9. a) Powerful b) Peaceful d) Persuader d) Perfecter

10. a) Powerful b) Persuader c) Peaceful d) Perfecter

11. a) Powerful b) Perfecter c) Persuader d) Peaceful

12. a) Persuader b) Peaceful c) Perfecter d) Powerful

13. a) Powerful b) Perfecter c) Persuader d) Peaceful

14. a) Powerful b) Persuader c) Perfecter d) Peaceful

15. a) Perfecter b) Persuader c) Powerful d) Peaceful

16. a) Peaceful b) Perfecter c) Powerful d) Persuader

17. a) Persuader b) Perfecter c) Peaceful d) Persuader

18. a) Powerful b) Persuader c) Perfecter d) Powerful

19. a) Persuader b) Powerful c) Peaceful d) Perfecter

20 a) Powerful b) Perfecter c) Persuader d) Peaceful

21. a) Persuader b) Perfecter c) Powerful d) Peaceful



The Powerful visionary style is one with great ability to see the big picture. Seeing abstract ideas, and pulling a team together to implement the vision is their greatest strength. Overcoming obstacles, and pushing for results is what makes this style a born leader. A risk taker at heart, persistence is the key to their success. Results are more important than popularity, therefore the Powerful style will continue until the goal is reached. Because they are a strong, fearless leader they attract others to follow. A Visionary brings an abstract concept to conception. The Powerful style is purpose oriented. They are inspired by starting new projects and developing ideas. They are not thwarted by obstacles, due to their relentless persistence and determination They lead groups to action. They are a modern day Christopher Columbus, Walt Disney who had a vision and held it until becoming a reality, regardless of opposition.

Adapting to others

Be aware of your forceful nature in getting results. Though your desire is for results, you need a team of people to help you achieve your goals. Bring warmth and social skills into your environment before giving direct orders and commands. Listen to other’s details you may have overlooked. Remember it’s enjoying the journey that counts, not the end.



The Persuader’s style’s greatest strength is their ability to influence people. Their articulate aptitude makes persuasion an invaluable gift. They are quite charismatic easily drawing people into their circle. Quite often orators, speakers, and entertainers, Inspirational styles bring wit and light hearted levity. The life of the party, this fun loving style infuses the atmosphere with joy, breaking heaviness and depression. Their ability to make friends, and influence people comes naturally to them, which gives them the finesse of gathering a following to their ideas. Enthusiastic and entertaining, they are optimistic with new risks and challenges. Inspirational styles are extremely motivating loving a free open environment without restrictions. Inspirational styles are people oriented, rather than project oriented. Their greatest strength is persuading and inspiring people rather than focusing on accomplishing projects. A modern day Braveheart who persuaded the Scots to rise up in courage and fight for their freedom.

Adapting to others

Research facts before presenting ideas. Some people need to understand the worst case scenario before committing. Listening to others is a skill that must be developed as your energy is very high. Practice slowing down paying attention to others with more sincerity. Peaceful.



The Peaceful Supporter’s style carries the most peace of all the temperament styles. In a high strung, chaotic environment the Peaceful supporter will calm the storm. Because the supporter’s greatest strength is being team player, the desire to help is invaluable. While other high energy styles may be juggling too many balls, the supporter pays attention and finishes what was started. They are reliable, dependable, and loyal. If they promise to finish what was started, you can take it to the bank. As a great listener they understand the expansive scope of projects and plans and often anticipate needs before they arise. Their attention is on completion and they don’t get sidetracked. Without the supporters, projects would not reach finish lines. The Peaceful supporter is people oriented. They are patient, showing great loyalty and commitment to the end. They are help mates acquiring specialized skills. A modern day Monica in Touched by an Angel, Martin Luther King, a peacemaker amidst a civil war.

Adapting to others

As your nature is peaceful, sometimes the need to express yourself is mandatory. Avoiding conflict may cause an internal war, which could have been resolved if addressing problems. Take more risks. Don’t be afraid of growing through trials and errors. Don’t be afraid of change. Allow yourself the mistakes needed during the learning curve.



The Perfecter is paramount to any project. As others overlook details, and have a tendency to accept lower standards, the Perfecter assures the standards are high. Oftentimes, they analyze problems ingeniously finding inventive solutions. They work best alone as their creative natures need solitude without distractions. Because of their concentrated energy they have the ability to technically resolve matters, find solutions, endurance and persistence to stay with projects unto perfection. They are highly creative, oftentimes in the field of inventors, musicians, aesthetics. Chefs are often in this pattern constantly perfecting the perfect recipe. A modern day Martha Stewart in aesthetic design, original recipes, Michael Angelo, magnificent artistry. The Perfecter is project oriented. Working best alone the Perfecter needs solitude to concentration creative solutions. They are inventors, tend to be socially withdrawn enjoying deeper relationships than superficial conversation.

Adapting to others

As your emphasis is on perfecting details, you may frustrate others in that you delay the start of a project. Be aware that you may over plan to a fault. Nothing needs to be 110% perfected. Delegate responsibilities without take on all yourself. Allow flexibility, as other styles aren’t as disciplined as you, and they may feel stifled by your agendas.


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