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The Art of Living in Today

Living in today is an art, a discipline that must be learned, otherwise the masterpiece of our life will never be painted.

Like a brush in an artist’s hand, we must become fluid, allowing the Master to choose the colors of our life’s canvas. Trusting that the palate of His choice is beautiful in the end.

Inherently, maybe that’s our biggest problem. We never see the end.

Somehow we get stuck in the middle of our own painting, assuming the colors that surround our life today will continue tomorrow until our life’s painted black. Unknowingly, we have lost today, as we gird up against tomorrow. The little joys, small pleasures, bubbles of laughter, creative ideas, inspirational thoughts, and life changing moments are irretrievably lost.

Everything is good in the end…..if it’s not good…’s not the end.

If God turns everything for good, what are we so worried about? If it took loosing the glass slipper, to find the prince, wasn’t that worth it? If a consequence in life is bad, yet blossoms into something good, or rather a stepping stone for something even better, why do we keep wasting our todays on fretting about tomorrow?

In my dismay, seemingly having none of my prayers answered, I stumbled upon this verse:

“I am working behind the scenes, giving you something more than you would dare ask for, infinitely beyond your highest hopes, dreams, or imaginations.”

-Ephesians 3:20

Ahh. Epiphany.If I am not getting something I am praying for, it is because God wants to give me more than I asked for..

Like a new prodigy in an art class, I was impatient for the end, not trusting the process.

The Splash of Black

As I was in the fashion industry years ago, I designed a pastel earring that was an incredible pastiche of pale colors. To me it was one of my better designs. Yet, every show rarely would a buyer notice it unless I pointed it out.

One day while fulfilling orders, a batch of the pastel earrings were on the work table. While we were adding finishing touches of black to a very vivid design of jewel toned earrings,, the paint accidentally splashed on the batch of pastels.

“OMG,” exclaimed the production manager as he stared at the disastrous mistake. Gasping, we both sat in silence not knowing what to do, as this was a costly blunder. Rather than throw them out, I decided to finish production. I would discount them later to recover some of the cost.

Days later during inspection, my eye caught this gorgeous design I did not recognize. Completely caught off guard, I questioned, “Glen, where did this come from?”

“Remember, it’s the OMG mistakes,” he laughed.


The Perfect Mistake

The pastels became a best seller, as the black splash of paint accentuated the too-pale pastels. Suddenly, the contrast enhanced the pastels as they were invisible before on a white background. I was amazed. Never in a million years would I have guessed a splash of black made all the difference.

The perfect mistake shockingly turned out to be a huge success.

Today’s problems, are very much like splashes of black across our beautiful life’s canvas. Unwanted. Unexpected. Unprepared. Hopelessly frustrated, we spend our today’s trying to undo a sudden black splash in our lives that only tomorrow can resolve. The Mosaic needs more time.

The art of living in today is simple, but not easy. Trust that the miracle of an unwanted circumstance has yet to come into maturity.

Everything is good in the end….if it’s not good..,.it’s not the end.

Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post

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