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When Being Weak is your Greatest Strength

We have access to a power that is so incredible, so life changing, so miraculous at our fingertips,

Yet we forget to call it forth. All we need to do, is simply ask. Truly, that is all that’s required.

There is a hidden scripture in the bible, that is often overlooked, but within those words carry the authority to release power from heaven to earth.

When I am weak, you are strong.

Often unnoticed, there is a deeper unseen revelation beneath the surface.

This scripture is an invitation for prayer, asking God to release everything you need to accomplish all you desire.

Get Co-Dependent

This prayer is a humbling prayer, surrendering all your strength in exchange for all of His. In every category of your life, in every situation you have, you surrender and say:

God, I am too incapable to do this, as I have never done this before.

But you can

I do not have the wisdom nor the answers for this problem

But you do.

I am not creative enough to find a solution.

But you are the great designer who creates all things.

I don’t understand how to accomplish this nor the technique required.

But you can help me, show me, reveal this to me.

In this prayer of releasing all your weakness in every area of your life, and asking Father God to come and intervene for you, you have accessed the power of heaven.

Receiving His Ability

Because I have used this prayer and have been amazed at the miraculous occurrences that have happened, I am now addicted. There is not a day that goes by, that I don’t ask for miracles, and of course, receive them.

Answers to questions would come.
Ability to accomplished projects would come
Creative solutions would come

Presently building a house in Austin, I prayed,”God I do not understand architectural plans, I am not a builder, I am not creative enough to design this house, but you are. Help me do this entire project, show me things I do not see, guide me to resources I need, let me hire the right people. God let’s build this together.”

As we were drawing architectural plans for the fireplace the builder was struggling on placement. So I prayed, “God, you’re a great designer where do I put this?” Almost as if God laughed, “Thanks for asking. Place the furniture first and build around it.” OMG literally, that was brilliant. If I had not asked God in prayer, the angle would have been wrong and the furniture would not have fit. Minor majors that change everything.

In my inability, He is able.

Ask for Energy

There are days when the task before you is too great, and you find yourself shutting down.

“God I don’t have the energy for this. I actually have been putting this off because the thought of it is overwhelming. . Bring excitement when there is none. Make this task something I desire to accomplish, rather than avoid. Help me finish this today, quickly and easily, and delay not one day longer."

You will find the task becomes surprisingly simple.

Bring God your real emotions.

Expressing how you really feel, the good, the bad, and the ugly, is coming to grips with the truth. You can't forgive on your own, or even love fully without God's strength. Yet, a heart given to Him can be changed.

God, seeing into my heart, challenged me once, "Will you love your enemies?"

Remembering a decade of pain and suffering, I responded "to fully forgive would be a miracle, to love my enemy? That would be impossible," I honestly answered."I do not have enough love for that, but I am willing for you to change my heart. You prayed for your enemies while nailed on the cross, forgive them they know not what they do. Your love is incomprehensible, Yes, I give you my inability to love, in exchange for yours."

Months later this person needed help, and I was the only person that came.

God had orchestrated His plan to rescue him through me, preparing my heart in advance to be the one that would stand for him.

God changed my heart, and rescued us both.

He will exchange every weakness for his strength in all things, if you only ask.

Example upon example do I have in exhibiting God’s divine encounters. In every situation, in every heart condition that needs healing, from the simplest request to the greatest miracle God is a present help, to fix, to enlighten, to intervene on your behalf.

The simplest of prayers,”God I am weak, and you are strong, I hand you my life today. With you God, all things are possible. Every challenge can be overcome. Every mountain can be moved. Though you are God, You are also my friend who I walk with everyday."

I take more risks, begin projects I have no ability to accomplish, and say yes to things when I have no idea what I am doing. Yet, I also fearlessly anticipate God’s miraculous interventions, as I have witnessed the power behind this prayer,

When I am weak, you are strong.

Pull down the power from heaven, and you will be become addicted, just like me.

Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post


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