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Are We Masking the Truth with Masks?

by Sheri Barry

On a purely medical note, I have recently heard two different doctors speaking on the Covid virus. According to the doctors information about this virus they have reported that wearing masks makes absolutely no medical sense because the virus is too small for the masks to contain it. They said it is the equivalent of putting up a chain link fence to keep out a mosquito.

If masks do work, then why are the businesses closed? If masks don't work then why are we wearing them?

So logically if this is true ( and I assume that it is) wouldn't Dr. Faucci know this and if so why would he dictate that all Americans wear their masks while in public?

Is there an ulterior motive behind his insistence that masks are needed?

This is very concerning to me.

Another medical issue is herd exposure. Supposedly when everyone wears a mask there are not enough people being exposed to the virus (which eventually reduces virility) which is nature's way of handling viruses...

Have you considered that the reason we are having a spike is because the masks don't work?

Unfortunately, there will be some serious illness and deaths because of the virus..the most vulnerable have a greater risk because of age and preexisting medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, compromised immune system, heart conditions etc.

Why are we not being advised to boost up our immune systems instead of compromising them by breathing our own toxins and Co2?

Doesn't that make more people susceptible to the virus?

Instead we are being ordered to wear masks continually that threaten to weaken and suppress our immune systems, emotionally isolate us from each other, keep people in a state of agitation and fear, while creating division and strife between those of us who are not buying at face value what Dr. Faucci is trying to sell us. What is his background and who is he associated with. Is there any ulterior motives? Is there a hidden agenda?

We are living in a day and age where nothing that comes across any airwave is to be believed. I for one check the motives of those who expect me to follow everything they say...Are the "facts" we are being fed supporting someone else's political agenda? Until I know and accept that the people driving this automobile don't have intentions to control my life (through using a virus to take control of every aspect of society) I am not ok with jumping in the passenger seat to take a ride with strangers who I do not know and trust to a distination going God knows where!

I will not volunteer to be the proverbial lamb led to the slaughter! Mask and all!

So I refuse to feel guilty for being uncomfortable with wearing a mask. I went it when I am asked to do so but feel that my physical and emotional health is at risk when I comply with the government mandate. Again I ask.....

If masks do work, then why are the businesses closed? If masks don't work then why are we wearing them?

Does anyone else question this?


Sheri Barry

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1 Comment

laura Salveson
Aug 16, 2020

Masks? Social distancing?? Hmmmm. If these precautions were indeed the key to keeping the lid on a dangerous pandemic then logic would dictate that homeless populations would be dying in record numbers. After all, they don’t mask, they don’t social distance and rarely practice personal hygiene. Yet they’re fine. Could it be we’ve been sold a huge lie for nefarious reasons? Instilling fear in people renders them very easy to control.

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