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But God...

By Candice Waller

In the midst of this thing called 'life' the Lord can, and always does, provide anything and everything we need.

My week has been filled with 'life' and all of its not-so-wonderful of times:

Downed trees and estimates for removal, dryer fires and subsequent fixing, overflowing dishwashers that leave inches of water in the kitchen floor and a backed up sink. Sadness. Dog poop... in the house. Loneliness. Overwhelmed. Cleaning. Laundry Simplifying.

Okay... so adulting. I've had to adult this week.

I should count it an honor, as not all are as blessed.

BUT... to be quite honest and vulnerable, it has not been a week of glorifying the Lord. It's been a week of complaining. Of self-deprecating mind games. Of pity parties. (Sorry if you were invited. Please feel free to decline the invite next time.) It's been a week of asking God for direction, all the while being a rebel and refusing to LISTEN for said request. Isn't that often the case?

Then I had a moment... One much like Liz had in "Eat. Pray. Love." You know the scene- she is on her knees praying for ~whatever~. Something that will give her direction and clarity. And then He speaks to her... "go back to bed, Liz."

And so she goes, only to receive what she so desperately needs... answers.

Obedience is key.

My personal journey this past week has been much the same, only the Lord didn't tell me to go to bed.

He simply said, "Worship." Nothing else.

I feel like I needed more... wanted more than a single Word. Good gravy... I just poured my heart out with eloquent words of adoration and a begging for His response, and presence, which was greatly anticipated.

In all actuality that single Word has done a great heart transformation in me. I tell you this as not to boast, but to encourage you RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. God desires your worship...

*whether you feel like it or not. *Whether you are prepared or... not so much. *Whether you are alone or amongst others. *Whether you have the words to sing or are relying on Him to provide them.


Worshipping the LORD OF LORDS is non-negotiable. Whatever situation or circumstance you find yourself in today... WORSHIP HIM. Not for what He has done. Not for what you are expecting Him to do.

But for WHO HE IS.


What He has done, and has yet to do, is just simply icing on the heavenly cake, people. It's WHO He is that makes you who YOU are in Him. Allow yourself to be consumed by Him. Surrounded by His goodness and grandeur. Encompassed in His most loving of arms. Give to Him today that which you were never meant to carry in the first place.

You'd be amazed at the freedom you will feel as you release to Him only what HE can control, contain, and consider... and His glory will shine, as you sit back and say,

"Yes Lord... take it; have Your way with it; and may Your will be done."

He is good no matter what. So very stinkin' good! No matter where you are in this moment. No matter where. No matter where He needs to meet you. And no matter what He has to do to get to you.


When in doubt. When prayer seems redundant and insignificant in your earthly eyes. When you feel you are at the end of your proverbial rope.


It really is THAT simple. BUT GOD... Two of the most important words uttered in the Bible, cover ALL things in life. You will never have to experience a situation where you canNOT add... BUT GOD. *[Insert your trial] is not fun by any sense of the word, BUT GOD... *I am being allowed to go through [XYZ], BUT GOD... *I am suffering [blah, blah, blah], BUT GOD... Take BUT GOD and make it yours.

Claim it. Stand upon it. And, for heavens sake... receive it, trust it, and command it. But God demonstrates His own love for us in this:

"But Christ proved God's passionate love for us by dying in our place while we were still lost and ungodly!"Romans 5:8

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73:26

... for which I am suffering even to the point of being chained like a criminal. But God's word is not chained. 2 Timothy 2:9 "... yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior." ~Habakkuk 3:18 (NIV) I pray a harvest of provision, favor, and continued worship over you today. Have a most blessed day, friends.


Candice Waller


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