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Divine Dead Ends: When God Redirects your Path

These are the times when life has been turned upside down, inside out, and we are all walking around with vertigo wondering where right side up is?

In light of the world shutdown, sometimes life comes to a screeching halt, and we wonder now what? Yet, perhaps it was an accident that completely changes our course. An ended relationship that breaks our hearts. A business opportunity that we regretfully missed. An irreversible decision we grieve.

A dream never to come true.

But what if, these dead ends were really meant to redirect us? What if dead ends were part of the plan, like a maze pointing in the right direction every time we chose wrongly?

Providentially, the desires of our heart instilled by God act as a compass leading the way.

But what if our desires become askew? What if in pursuing good things, we are actually compromising the best? What if our present pursuits are not part of the bigger plan? And lastly, what if the dead ends we experience really play a part in our destiny?

A Dangerous Prayer

Realizing the possibly of my own life going awry, I prayed a very dangerous prayer.

Because I enjoy my life, surrendering it to God, allowing Him to rearrange it, seemed like jumping out of a plane hoping the chute would open.

As if I was clinging on to my self erected life, I sincerely confessed,“God I’m afraid you are going to take something away. Something I am not ready to give up.”

“Do you trust Me?” I heard the voice of God question.

“Do you believe I have a plan for you? If I take something away, it’s because I will give you something better in return. Do you trust Me?”

I felt like I was on a game show, and God was asking me if I wanted to keep my life or give it up for what was behind door # I.

“I don’t know! That's too hard. Can you give me a hint?” I prodded. “What’s behind door #1? Being a missionary saving orphans in Uganda? Or is it more like, being discovered with raw talent and becoming overnight success? Can you give me a quick peak before I commit?”

Regardless, I was willing for God to use my life, for better or worse. Fearfully courageous, I dangerously prayed:

"I am willing for you to take away anything not of You. I surrender my life to you. Have your way." Then I prayed a scripture, Phillippians 2:4 Lord, change my desires and give me the ability to fulfill the purposes you have called me to.

A New Beginning

The following day, I was researching something on the internet and happened upon this clip.

I knew it was God, answering my prayer, giving me a peak of what was to come.

“I am going to redirect you. At first you will feel that you have failed. Fear not. It’s not a dead end. I have closed a door and opened another. What's behind door #1? A new beginning. Wait and see.

Watch Video Below! Why did Simon stop auditions? Does God stop our path and redirect us?

LIsa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post


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