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The Majestic Realm of Perfection

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The Majestic Realm of Perfection

“Not my will, but your Perfect Will be done.”

Perfection does not exist within the experience of a human being.

Yet, once upon a time, eons ago, there was such a place. It was called the Garden of Eden. A place where perfection existed. Man lived in perfect freedom, in perfect love, where all his needs were met in unity and accord with His maker, His master, His God.

With one decision, choosing against the all knowing ways of God, and choosing rather to analyze “what was best,” for himself, with one bite of the apple the Garden of Eden, and the state of man living in perfection was lost forever.

From that point forward, humanity still struggles to analyze his own affairs. Making a decision of “what is best” desperately attempting to solve problems without knowing answers, man chooses the lesser of two evils, calling it “the best choice.”

That as our focal point, we fervently pray if only the worst thing wouldn’t happen then the outcome would be “good.”

In all our affairs, with all our unresolved problems, our dilemma is being separated from the Perfection of God. Yet, this disease has shrouded man for so long we continuously pray our will over our situations not knowing the far reaching effects and consequences these choices may bring.

The first bite of an apple is always good, until we experience the aftermath of our wrong choice.

I too, was shrouded with this disease, and it was the early morning hours one day that God finally and forever, removed the veil.

My husband at the time, was very sick and his alcoholism was severe. He would disappear for days, sometimes weeks, leaving me in a state of panic. Was he okay? Was he still alive? During these times I would get calls from the hospital, informing me that he was in serious condition as his alcohol levels were dangerously high. After many repetitive emergency visits to the hospital, social services got involved to investigate wether or not my daughter who was two years old, was in a safe environment even though we were separated living in two different households.

I was informed that the hearing of whether the social services would take my daughter into custody was scheduled in a week’s time, yet I could not attend nor defend the truth. The decision would be made without me present whether or not they would take my child.

If they took her away, for how long?

Why wouldn’t they let me be at the meeting to defend the situation?

If they took her away, it will traumatize her. She wouldn’t understand.

Fear like never before rose up in me. Yet, I was helpless to do anything but pray. I prayed for “the best thing” to happen- that they would conclude that I was a capable parent living in a separate safe environment for my daughter. Yet, how could I explain if I wasn’t allowed to speak?

I didn’t eat that week. I cried, begged, pleaded, fought against all the unseen evil that wanted to take my daughter. My prayers were as violent as a mother bear protecting her cub. I prayed one single repetitive prayer.

“God, please don’t let them take her away!”

It was the first break of dawn on the last day before the hearing, hours away from knowing the verdict. Six days had passed, six days of fear, panic, rage, fighting an invisible enemy I could not see. Finally, at my weakest point I heard the voice of the Lord ask me,

“Will you pray, not my will, but Your will be done.”

Panic like never before set in. A chill swept over my body like the ominous silence before the storm. “No, Don’t ask me to do that. No!”

I felt God was preparing me for the worst, as if two soldiers dressed in full uniform knocked at my door with condolescences during wartime. Did God want me to accept that my daughter was being taken away?

What does that mean? Your perfect Will?

Does it mean that God is taking my most precious thing from me?

Does it mean that He wants me to sacrifice my daughter in the same way He asked Abraham and Isaac?

Does conceding my will for His Perfect Will mean I would lose everything?

I was afraid of what He was asking. I couldn’t say “yes”to His Perfect Will. I couldn’t sleep that night, as I did not want to face the next day.

The Revelation of Perfection

It was early morning on the day of the hearing that I felt Peace surround me, and the Voice of the Lord reveal the realm of Perfection.

“My Way is perfect. It is without flaw.

There is no context nor understanding in which Perfection exists on earth. During times of confusion and despair when the end is not visible, trust once my Perfect Will is fully expressed the beauty is beyond imagination. I am Perfect Love, Perfect Wisdom, Perfect Life. In praying for my Will you are praying for perfection over your life.”

“My way is higher than your way. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. If you pray your will for “the best thing” you have eliminated Perfection from your life, not realizing my Power, my Way, my answer is too great to fit into that space. As an ocean cannot fit into a vile, neither can my Perfect Will fit into your finite prayers.”

I had a crucial decision to make, knowing I had to make it before the sun came up and the hearing began. As if I was holding the apple in my hand, I wanted my will be done, wanting what I thought the “best thing’ would be for my daughter, not trusting in the Perfect Will of God. Like Eve taking the first bite, I feared God’s will was not my best.

It is unfathomable that Abraham held a knife above his son, ready to do the will of God. How was this possible? Abraham had a revelation of Perfection, unlike Eve, and trusted.

Something came over me. A depth. A revelation. An awareness of the Majestic realm of Perfection, and simultaneously the shroud of unbelief lifted.

It was as if heaven opened revealing the Glory of God..

Perfection…Perfect for All..Perfect Wisdom..Perfect Love…Perfect Power..Perfection…higher than anything imaginable…more glorious than man can bear..more awesome than we have ever witnessed..Your will Be Done…Your Will and no other…Nothing else compares…Father who art in Heaven…Reverence to your name…Your Kingdom come…Your Will be done..Now as it is in Heaven.

My decision was made before the sun broke.

With every fiber of my being, I trusted Him as Abraham with his own son.

I trusted that His ways were higher than mine.

I trusted that all things work for good.

I trusted that He alone knows the beginning from the end.

I trusted He holds the heavens and the earth in His Hands.

All Power belongs to Him.

I trusted God even if they took my daughter away from me.

I trusted.

Since that moment forward, I had no agenda, no analysis over my situation, surrendering to the unknown. Not my will, I surrendered to His.

I received the phone call later that day. The case was dismissed, and I marveled at the perfection of that. How did God orchestrate a situation that took me to the brink of my greatest feat to demonstrate His greatness. Perfect. He took me back to the Garden of total freedom from fear…to the majestic realm of Perfection.

Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post

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