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Flirting with Flair

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Master the 7 Easy Steps to The Art of Flirting

Flirting is all about energy, feeling the magnetic pull from the opposite sex. Being shot with cupid’s arrow from across the room by a stranger’s glance that causes you to stop and say to yourself who me? You find me interesting?

But how is it that you can feel someone’s thoughts toward you from afar? Energy. It is powerful, real, and vibrates just as audible as sound waves.

Good flirting is nothing other than projecting great thoughts toward the opposite sex. It’s actually much simpler than it seems: shoot an arrow of an appreciative thought toward someone. Once it hits the heart, and it will, follow up with a smile, a lighthearted comment, a sincere compliment. Bull’e eye. You hit the mark.

Flirting is merely an ice-breaker shattering defensive walls that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Noticing the differences between sexes, and appreciating that, is what makes flirting successful.

Start practicing with everybody, until flirting is second nature. Notice the valet that just opened your door. Look him genuinely in the eyes, and say thank-you, yet let your thoughts appreciate that he is a man that just treated you like a lady. Notice the brilliance of the online consultant that just walked you through a problem, tell him. You’re amazing, thank-you for helping me. 

Bad flirting is superficial empty words, yet good flirting comes from the heart. Your words hit true, and you make your man feel like a hero. No better flirting than when you allow your man to rescue his damsel in distress. Man are designed to be heros. Let him be one.

Flirting with flair, is the art of appreciation…

Just like a fine painting that powerfully moves your soul, flirting if executed with finesse, has the same emotional power as the brush strokes of the Mona Lisa.

Your job as a flirting artist, is to draw a portrait of the man before you as he has never seen himself before. Let him see what you see in him.

Starting with a fresh canvas, aka the man of your dreams (please include boyfriends and husbands) you begin stroke by stroke painting a portrait of the man before you. Yet rather than using paint, flirting is done with the art appreciation noticing every detail, gesture, nuance of his being.

The magic of what is happening, is that he will feel you noticing him on levels that he has never been noticed before. Slowly, this man will open before your eyes.

A man that is noticed by a woman, who makes him feel funny, wise, interesting, attractive, is drawn in to the fact that he rarely sees himself in this light.

The more interested you are in him, the more interesting he becomes in you. The once insecure Clark Kent, suddenly turns Superman under the adoration of an attentive responsive woman.

Flirting happens when he looks into your eyes, and sees the best reflection of himself. That is just sexy. That man will always come back for more.

…with a magnetic field all of its own.


#1 Notice an interesting man and put undivided energy his way

There is nothing more of a turn off than a distracted woman, texting, talking with divided energy. If you are in a crowd of friends, you are too distracted. Try the allure of being alone and available for conversation.

#2 Have an approachable aura

No matter how confident you perceive this man is, be assured that at the core men are insecure when it comes to the opposite sex. Women’s approval is the epitome of their ego. Be easy to approach. Smile his way. Offer a warm glance. For extra credit points, add a lighthearted comment about the day, or ask a curious question that pertains to him. If he is holding golf clubs,” So how’s the course?” or better yet, laughingly ask, “How many mulligans did you take today?”

#3 Be more interested than interesting

There is something extremely sexy when energy is coming your way. When you are the object of desire, you feel it. So give him the stage. Novice flirts want to be center stage, but experts only fan his flame.

#4 Listen with intensity

Catch the emotions behind his words, continue to ask more questions to uncover more of what’s hidden beneath the surface. Be a confidant. A sign of a great flirt is when you hear, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this but….”  You have won his trust.

#5 Speak in silence

Believe it or not, thoughts are as powerful as words. There is a silent conversation between a couple that is louder than what is being said. Tell him how you feel in silent thoughts and emotional expressions. While you are listening and gazing into his eyes, think… are sooo handsome…you are incredibly funny…you are a great man… I love being with you. He will know exactly what you have said without words.

To validate the power of thoughts, get with your girlfriend and try this experiment.

Silently tell her with your eyes and heart….I love you…you are funny….I am really angry….I hate you….I am sad. She will guess your thoughts every time.

#6 Verbal compliments

There is nothing more sexy than being vulnerable with how you feel. If you feel it, say it. Novice flirts say nothing. Expert flirts let their feelings out at the risk of being a little bit embarrassed. Yes, sincere compliments take courage. Practice makes perfect. Start practicing today with compliments and smiles. You will be surprised with the response you get from men.

Their male energy back to you, will make you feel startling  sexy. And without even trying, your sex appeal will move up a notch.

#7 Keep it fun

Once it becomes x-rated, you’ve lost the art. Connect for a moment, or a lifetime. The chemistry between a man and a woman leaves both for the better. Be

confident, sexy, feminine, flirty, and fun.

And remember: Don’t forget to wink!

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What is the riskiest thing you ever did to flirt?

Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post

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