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Shedding Pounds by the Power of the Subconscious

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Girlfriend, dieting is no less painful than a break up. Ending a relationship with fettuccini alfedo, chocolate covered acai berries, and Ben and Jerry’s is brutal. Starting a new relationship with a celery stick is even worse.

Diet, jail, pain, all four letter words meaning the same thing...No thank-you!

What if we could diet through the subconscious mind rather than the soul realm? What if we could harness the power of the subconscious, storing only future possibilities of toned and fit, rather than past failures of chubby and fat? Our life would take a completely different course, and the law of attraction would kick in.

Whatever we believe, whatever we envision will magically come.

The subconscious mind, actually our super conscious mind, takes precedent over our natural wishes. We may wish all day long we were thin, but if e subconsciously don't believe it, it will do everything to maintain the vision that is stored, and if it is a vision of being overweight, then dieting is an uphill struggle.

Changing your Default image

However, if you change your image default to your perfect desired weight, perfectly toned body your subconscious will literally work to get you there. Anything that does not line up with this new stored vision suddenly loses power. Your new image trumps the desire for your first love of pasta.

The trick is to put this dream vision of yourself into your subconscious just like inputting an address in a GPS. Your subconscious is now working with you rather than against you to shed those extra chubby pounds.

Removing the Failure Code

I struggled with my weight in my twenties. Somehow, the more important it was for me to lose weight, the more I focused on it, the more I thought about food, the more I tried to diet, the guiltier I felt if I ever used my “get out of jail card” and went off my diet.

This vicious cycle of being obsessed with diets, thus creating anxiety over food kept me in an endless cycle of addiction.

Whatever we thinketh, so we become.’

I was a chubby little fat girl trying to lose weight. I weighed myself in the morning anticipating a small weight loss from my strict diet the day before. I weighed myself at night hoping that possibly exercise during the day would attribute to a minor movement in the scale.

I was obsessed. What I thought about was being on a diet. What I became was an overweight girl fighting to lose weight. In my desperation I layered my problem with curses.

“I will never lose weight!”

“I can’t eat that it’s fattening, and I’ll gain weight”

“These jeans make me look fat!”

“I am on a strict diet, and I need to count every calorie, or it won’t work.”

The curses are endless. Yet, if we knew the power in the quantum realm of frequencies, attracting what we say and believe, we would no longer curse ourselves than eat a sprinkled donut.


Curses are dangerous. Not only does it program the subconscious calling forth what you profess, but in the spiritual realm what you say comes to you. Just like Napoleon Hill’s famous book Think and Grow Rich, so also Think and became Thin.

How it worked for me

Initially, I went on the Fit for Life diet, where you could eat as much as you want separating proteins from carbohydrates. If you wanted steak then no potatoes. If you wanted pasta then no chicken. It was a simple diet of food combining. Yet for me, it broke the obsession with counting calories.

“Wow, I can eat as much as I want and not gain weight!”

But here was the clincher, once I lost 5 pounds I believed,

“OMG, you look fantastic!”

That’s all it took. My subconscious was reprogrammed. Behind the scenes, my subconscious was dictating its new orders:

“You don’t want to eat junk food food when look this good!”

"Your have a great metabolism and your food turns to fuel."

Subconsciously, diets lost their appeal, food was unimportant, and the vision of my new self was paramount.

The power of the subconscious is incredible. If it is programmed correctly, it will override every self sabotaging thought you have. Truly, it is the master of our destiny, which the natural mind follows. .

The image of myself had drastically changed. Subconsciously, I ate like a skinny girl, I exercised like a skinny girl, I dressed like a skinny girl, because in my mind I was a skinny girl.

If I wanted a dessert, I gave myself permission to have an indulgent slice and was satisfied.

I didn't go "off' my diet because I wasn't on one. Desserts lost their appeal because they were no longer tabu.

Ironically, looking back I was still overweight. Yet, I didn’t see it. To me squeezing into a pair of jeans and being able to zip them up made we feel fantastic! I was part of the skinny club

As a man thinketh, so he becomes.

In the following months I continued to lose more and more weight effortlessly. Life became more important than diets. My interests expanded and food was not the focus. Unintentionally, one day I woke up and put on a pair of size 1 jeans.

The Dream Board

Okay you’re thinking, but what if I haven’t had an initial weight loss. How can I reprogram my subconscious? -A Dream Board.

A Dream Board is a collage about your new healthy sexy life you are about to have. It is creating a Vision board of the new skinny you.

It's getting heart connected to a new life which fuels change.

The way you want to look. Find pictures of your ideal body type. Is it chiseled arms? Toned legs? A six pack stomach? Get pictures that you relate to, pictures that resemble the way you want to look. Don’t pick out bossomy curvy girls if you’re not, or an athletic type if you are full figured. Your subconscious won’t buy it. It knows exactly your ideal image, focus on that.

The way you want to feel. When you feel great about yourself what do you want to attract? A great man? More romance with the one you have? Search magazines for feeling pictures that attract the life you want.

What you want to wear? Imagining your new wardrobe is exciting? Are you a jean girl who throws on some ripped jeans and boots. A glamorous girl who loses feminine dresses? Or how about an outdoorsy girl who would love to put on shorts and tennis shoes. Again, rip out these pictures that really excite you and paste them up on your board.

What you want to do? Surprisingly enough, more activities open up when you feel good about yourself. Maybe you would start dating? Maybe you would sign up for dance class. Or buy a bike and take up a new sport?

The Golden Key

Programming your subconscious has to be attached to a feeling, or it doesn’t work. Many times having a negative experience programs the subconscious for constant repetition of the same. So in reversing the curse, we need to flip flop it. Once you get excited about your new life, once you start to believe it, feel it, see it, you are now in charge. You command the subconscious rather than responding to it.

Girlfriend, you have ended a bad relationship, for a glorious new one of your dreams. Good-bye Fetticini Alfredo, hello Fabulous!

-Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post

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