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Shoe Chic

An exclusive interview with Riley Viall, Marketing Genius behind Brian Atwood Shoes, Where she Tells All for Spring Trends


Sitting in front of the much coveted fireplace at the Montage Resort, Riley Viall, the marketing genius behind Brian Atwood Shoes, spills the beans in a private interview about what’s coming up for Spring fashion.

Peacock is in – vivid, bright bold colors.  Neon oranges and bright blues. Feathers, crystals and shiny lacquer.

“To sum it up,” she laughs while sipping her black espresso Italian style, “this is the year to strut your stuff.”

“It’s never the shoes you wear. It’s the attitude you have while wearing your shoes that counts. 


Who wouldn’t after putting on a sleek pair of heels? “ she convincingly adds.  “And if there is one thing that every woman should know it’s this…..” putting her demitasse down as if to reveal the secrets of all secrets. 

“Women need to own their walk!”

“There is nothing worse than a beautiful woman, with high fashion heels, who doesn’t know how to wear them.

Honestly, I think women need to walk in front of a mirror until they know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are leaving a wake of turned heads behind them.

Otherwise, they are not doing my shoes justice!” she candidly voices with witty charm.



If you’re wearing shiny shoes, then I want to see shiny lipstick. No matte. It’s a total look. And last but not least…please….keep the tote bags for the day, and evening purses for the night.  If there is one inexcusable fashion faux pas, it is carrying your tote bag with beautiful evening attire.”

Sitting across from this blue-eyed beauty, It was obvious she knew her stuff as if she walked right out of Grazie fashion magazine. Yet, before our interview was over I had one last question: How did a California girl end up in Milan of all places?


I was working out of San Francisco, when a friend set up an interview with Brian Atwood who after successfully designing for Versace decided to give it a go on his own.

We met at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood to discuss the possibilities of us working together. While Brian was in Milan, and I in California, the possibility of working together was highly improbable. Polite conversation ensued as we both realized that demographically undesirable usually meant a separation by state not continents.

Yet, just at the moment of logical reasoning, a bird flew by and pooped right on my white linen shirt, as if right out of a scene from Under the Tuscan Sun.

“You’re hired!” Brian insisted. “You can’t deny the signs!”

“It was destiny.  Our collaberative effort far surpassed what we had imagined. 

The company doubled, was sold, doubled again and sold twice, as sales continued to  skyrocket.”



Riley switched topics as if she was divulging a trade secret,

"Never pick out a pair of shoes to match your outfit. Choose your mood first,"

"What are you feeling? Sexy? Romanic? Playful?Then decide on your outfit. The right shoes are the expression of the mysterious feminine aura.  Once you slip them on, the allure begins.  And remember….it’s all in the walk."


“It’s been quite an unexpected whirlwind!  And it all started with bird poop….” Her laugh was contagious. She was at the top of her game. The prestigious collection of the Brian Atwood shoes is now considered by high fashion society…foot jewelry.   

With that she finished her espresso, and winked with a look that said there was a lot more to say, but sometimes things unsaid are the best.

She strutted away with her signature shoes, but now I knew her secret.

It wasn’t what she was wearing, it was in the way she walked away.

Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post

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