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The Art of Transformation

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Interviewing Mary Kaminski at her crowing for Ms. Latina Global,

I was intrigued that this was not about winning a beauty contest. For her, it was a message of hope, "if I can do it, then so can you."

I was further intrigued with her statement in the Wellness magazine:

Change happens in the Mind. Stop believing the script you've created in your head.

Discovering she was a transformation coach, I definitely wanted to hear her backstory of how she overcame her own struggles.


If a picture speaks a thousand words, there is nothing more to be said from looking at the before and after pictures than, How did you do that! How did you transform yourself from frumpy to fabulous?” But most importantly, I wanted to know the secret behind this unbelievable miraculous metamorphosis.

Meeting me in Laguna Beach, Mary shared her inspiring story:

Mary: “ I know, I almost can’t believe it, that was actually me,” she unashamedly laughed. “I like to show my before picture, because I relate to other women who for whatever reason fell in their own black hole of hopeless depression. It becomes a vicious cycle, depression causes you to continue in the same habits that got you there in the first place."

Lisa: “That’s a great point, and an excellent question. How did you begin your transformation? To be honest, looking at you now I still can’t believe it.

Mary: “It starts in the mind. The body will follow whatever you believe. If you have an attitude of,...I guess I should go on a diet, but I don’t really want to... your body chimes back... if you don’t want to diet, neither do I! In this incongruency, you will never reach your end goal.”

“In my training, the first question I ask is,

“Do you really want to transform your body? Are you forcing yourself, or are you excited about this?

“Those that make time excuses, or whatever else, aren’t mentally ready yet. They will be, but not yet. Others, are excited and can’t wait to begin. These are the ones that are ready.

You have to have your mind, body and soul in agreement for true transformation to work.”
“A Tomorrow attitude will lose the race, a Today attitude will win.”

“The race of transformation begins. Finally, crossing over their own finish line, and looking back at their start, is what I live for. Because I was running that same race once myself.”


Lisa: When was your turning point in starting your own transformation?

Mary: “I miscarried my baby and that’s when the emotional depression began. After that I was disconnected mentally, physically, and spiritually. The weight came on, and I really didn’t even notice I was so shut down.”

“One day I was climbing steps and could barely make it. I looked at myself in the window, and for the first time, saw my reflection of who I had become. Right there was my turning point. I said to myself,

Mary, this isn’t you. I wanted my life back, actually to start living it again.”


"I hired a trainer, mostly for mental support, because I had to get my body in agreement with what I wanted to accomplish.”

Taking a sip of her tea, Mary started laughing, “I told him I wanted to be a bathing suit model, and by the look in his eyes,( though he didn’t say it out loud) he was thinking…Are you serious? You’re kidding right?

Yet, he could feel my resolve and finally said….Okay, let’s begin.


Getting addicted to endorphins

Because my emotions played such a big part in my weight gain, my trainer taught me about exercise and endorphins.

The more I exercised the more endorphins were released.
Exercise become my saving grace. Something I wanted, not dreaded.”

Eating according to Blood Type

“I ate according to my blood type which is very important to staying on your diet. I hate using that word, diet, because it’s something everyone avoids.”

“I am a A positive blood type, so my body craves sugars.

I love fruit, dark chocolate, and even pasta.

To take sugars out of my food regime would not work for my blood type. In fact, eliminating what your body needs causes it to scream until it finally gets what it wants then overindulges to compensate.”

“The trick is to incorporate your favorite foods in your food regime so even a small square of delicious dark chocolate is satisfying. I interview all my clients to discover their I-can’t-live-without-this food and add it to their regime. Funny thing is, once you tell your body you can have it, it loses power.

Once forbidden fruit isn’t forbidden the obsessive ends.”

“My motto is eat what your body asks for.

Once you change your mindset to listen to your body it will tell you what it needs.

You will never be on a diet again.”


Spiritual Renewal

Lisa: “I read that you suggest fasting as part of your transformation process. Can you please explain what that looks like?”

Mary: “Fasting is a very spiritual time for me, a time to release negative emotions and fill myself up with the Spirit.

Truly, it is God who continues to give me the strength and inspiration to reach the top of every mountain I climb.”

“I pick a day when I purposely plan to disconnect from the pressures of life. I plan a facial, or a message, or a walk. I turn off the phone, shut down the computer, and reconnect to the voice of God. Normally I skip breakfast and lunch, drinking water, vegetable juices or tea.

As the peace comes, I gain new direction listening to the God given desires of my heart. I end my fast with a beautiful meal once again inspired with new visions for the future.”


Lisa: “Mary, thank-you. I was expecting this interview to be a series of squat workouts and carbohydrates counting. What you have said has genuinely inspired me, truly transformation is from the inside out.

Mary’s eyes lit up realizing I finally grasped what transformation really meant.

Mary: “Yes! You got it! Transformation is an art that is always unfolding. As a trainer I love to assist in that process, and witness the win at the end.”

Two years later I invited my trainer who doubted my determination to the national NPC bathing suit contest. where I was competing.

I took first place.

It was the end to my beginning. More importantly than taking that title, I knew anyone could do what I did. Now it has become my passion, seeing women transformed.

Lisa: “Thank-you Mary, Can we expect any videos or interviews in the future?”

Mary: “Of course, transformation is ever changing and expanding. It’s an art….remember!”


Lisa: “I believe you have offered the readers one complimentary transformation coaching session.

Mary: “Yes, absolutely. My direct email to reference

THE HAMILTON POST MAGAZINE as my gift to them.

Please visit my website to view all my MKprograms

-Lisa Hamilton/ The Hamilton Post


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